About Us

Changing Commercial Construction Supply & Service

Bridgewater International began with an inspired launch in 2000; a company driven by the ambitious goal to create a broad line of building products that would vastly increase the return on investment (ROI) for builders and developers in commercial construction without sacrificing quality or service.

The first step in realizing our goal was establishing the most capable network of manufacturing facilities possible. Factory locations were selected based on their ability to efficiently produce a particular product category. From the beginning, a strict set of criteria was established to determine if a factory would qualify to become a Bridgewater manufacturing source. Through strict adherence to this process, Bridgewater successfully built the most reliable group of manufacturing sources in the industry. This fact is reflected in the success of Bridgewater's brands, and our reputation for supplying products of only the highest-quality for nearly 15 years.

The final component enabling Bridgewater to reach its goal was bringing together the most experienced and talented people within commercial construction. By far the most valuable part of our company, these excellent people have enabled Bridgewater to not only reach its product goals, but also back it up with the best service in commercial construction.

Principles & Integrity

Nothing speaks more clearly about who Bridgewater International is and how we interact with our clients than the customer service principles we live by every day. They are:

  • Our products will always be tailored to achieve maximum ROI (return on investment) for our customers. During this process, we will never sacrifice quality of product or level of service.
  • We will continue to focus all our energies, talents, and company resources toward the successful completion of every project we work on, and spare no company expense in achieving this goal for our customers.
  • We will listen to our customers, and maintain a deep appreciation for the challenges inherent to commercial construction projects, such as the need for on-time delivery, clear & honest communication, defect-free products, and a spirit of service that leads to a genuine partnership-mentality between Bridgewater and all our customers. 

Real Infrastructure & Real Stability

Unlike brokers, rep. agencies, trading companies, and rogue importers, Bridgewater has real infrastructure and real financial stability. Our manufactured products are warehoused and distributed from our state-of-the-art facility in Woods Cross, Utah. We offer performance bonding on all projects. We are not an anonymous voice on the phone working out of a car trunk or home office; we are a chorus of voices and talents working and collaborating closely together from our offices in Woods Cross to provide the best product and service experience in commercial construction. We are fully and exclusively committed to commercial construction, and the completion of each project we undertake. That is why Bridgewater is: Building Success One Project at a Time.  

Return on Investment (ROI) for Our Customers

Bridgewater International's global community of factories manufactures the most relevant and value-driven product portfolio in commercial construction. Our products are Design, Quality, and Function Equals to overpriced, retail-oriented brands. Our products carry all key certifications to meet U.S. building codes and maximize our customer's ROI on every project. Throughout our 15 years in the industry, we have refined the process of efficiently manufacturing and delivering these goods to a thriving customer base of general contractors, developers, designers, and purchasing agencies in the hospitality, multi-family and assisted living, building sectors.

Elimination of the Middle-Man

Our ability to achieve high ROI for our customers is enabled by serving as the distributor and installer of our own products. This not only eliminates mark-ups that take place in the traditional supply chain, it gives Bridgewater absolute control over the logistics and delivery process. Smooth order fulfillment is also a critical component to achieving high ROI for our customers.